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Taking a company from vision to reality requires credibility, critical mass, and financing. We received invaluable advice and benefited from the North Bridge network from day-one!"

Joel Moxley, Foro Energy

Since 1994, North Bridge has funded over 170 companies. One third of our investments started with a seed funding of less than $200,000.

We are frequently the first investor in our portfolio companies investing from $50,000 to $500,000 in Seed Capital.

North Bridge partners have a long history of incubating and seeding exceptional companies from Wellfleet Communications (NYSE: WFLT) and Cascade Communications (NASDAQ: CSCC) to A123 Systems (NASDAQ: AONE) and Camiant (Acq: 2010 by Tekelec). In just the past few years, fifteen new portfolio companies including Acquia, Foro Energy and Infineta were launched in our Massachusetts and California locations. In addition, a Digital Media competition in 2012 resulted in two winners of seed capital: RentLingo and LifeSwap.

Seed investing has been at the core of North Bridge's strategy since inception. We are most excited about adding value at early stages when innovative ideas evolve into promising companies. We help our entrepreneurs recruit founding teams, find their first customers and develop strategy. North Bridge facilitates future financings at seeded companies as a significant participant in follow-on rounds.

$3.1 Billion dollars currently under management

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