• 480 Biomedical

    480 Biomedical technology combines biocompatible materials with innovative engineering for optimal balance of radial force, flexibility and bioresorbability

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  • Arsenal Medical

    Products based on Bioactive Composites to treat patients with complex clinical disorders

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  • Aushon BioSystems

    Advanced microarray products and instruments for life science research, drug development and clinical diagnostics

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  • Connance

    Software and analytic solutions for revenue cycle management, credit and collections in the healthcare industry

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  • eBenX

    Provided software and services solutions that assisted employers in operating and purchasing their health insurance online. Went public; later acquired by SHPS

  • Humedica

    A next-generation clinical informatics company providing novel SaaS-based business intelligence solutions to the healthcare industry

  • Mitotix

    Drug development, particularly cancer therapeutics and anti-infectives. Acquired by GPC Biotech AG

  • NaviNet

    America’s largest healthcare communications network, streamlining interaction among health-industry participants in real time

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  • PharMetrics

    Provided an integrated database of patient-level information. Acquired by IMS

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  • Phase Forward

    The leading provider of web-based solutions for clinical trial data management [NASDAQ: PFWD]

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  • SensABLE Technologies

    3D touch-enabled technology that allows users to fully experience on-screen computer applications, for multiple uses including the dental market

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