• 03B Networks

    A new fiber-quality, satellite-based, global Internet backbone for telecommunications operators and Internet service providers serving the “other three billion” people in emerging markets

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  • ActiFio

    Actifio is the leader in Data Management Virtualization (DMV) delivering solutions that radically simplify data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity, integrating de-duplication, network optimization and storage virtualization to lower the total cost of ownership by up to 90%.

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  • Akorri

    Analytics-based management software for server to storage performance analysis and physical and virtual environments

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  • Aquto

    A stealth start-up working on a new way to help people cope with the rising cost of cellular data

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  • Argon Networks

    High-speed routing switch for next-generation multi-service Internet. Acquired by Seimens

  • Arris Networks

    A global communications technology company specializing in the design and engineering of broadband networks. Acquired by Cascade Communications

  • Arrowpoint Communications

    A leading provider of intelligent switches optimizing the delivery of web content. Went public and was later acquired by Cisco

  • Azimuth Networks

    A leading provider of wireless broadband test equipment and channel emulator solutions for LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and other 4G technologies

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  • Broadband Access Systems

    Network access equipment that allowed cable TV companies to deliver Internet access and phone service through their networks. Acquired by ADC

  • Cadia Networks

    Developed multi-service wide-area networks adaption products and concentration technology for providers of telecommunications. Acquired by FORE Systems

  • Camiant

    Provides real-time policy control solutions enabling broadband service providers to dynamically manage their networks. Acquired by Tekelec

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  • Compass-EOS

    Disruptive high-end routing systems employing innovative electrical and electro-optical technologies

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  • Confer Technologies

    Confer Technologies

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  • Couchbase (previously Membase)

    A simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database management system, enabling customers to lower costs while improving their web applications

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  • Crossbeam

    Leading provider of next-generation security platforms for high performance networks

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  • Embrane

    The first true software platform to deliver virtual network services in highly dynamic data centers and simplify the adoption of virtualization and cloud computing

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  • fring

    A mobile internet community and communication service, using proprietary utilities and the Web’s social and community applications

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  • IP Mobile

    Developed next-generation data communications infrastructure equipment enabling wireless connection to the Internet. Acquired by Cisco

  • LiveRamp

    LiveRamp data onboarding makes your offline customer data actionable online.

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  • Mavenir Systems

    Enabling mobile operators to offer new and enhanced services and applications by delivering innovative convergence solutions to any device

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  • Message Bus

    Message Bus provides a cloud-native application service for enabling and powering messaging across email and mobile channels, helping to ensure deliverability of critical communications, transactional messages, and marketing messages.

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  • Movik Networks

    Next-generation mobile infrastructure, dramatically improving mobile user experience while controlling bandwidth costs and delivering new revenue-generating services

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  • NetCore Systems

    Developed a highly integrated wire speed router and ATM switch for Internet Service Providers. Acquired by Tellabs

  • New Oak

    Access products that provided corporate users with a secure authenticated tunnel to corporate data via the Internet. Acquired by Bay Networks

  • OneID

    OneID is an entirely new way to easily and securely sign in to websites and pay online.

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  • Plexxi

    Plexxi is redefining enterprise networking for the data center.

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  • Redstone Communications

    Carrier class, wire speed edge routers enabling Internet Service Providers to support multiple service classes and service level agreements. Acquired by Siemens

  • Reva Systems

    Intelligent network-centric products for the emerging radio frequency identification market

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  • RIFT.io

  • rPath

    Uniquely provides full lifecycle management of software components, configured systems and orchestrated business services for rapid provisioning and compliant IT systems

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  • Signiant

    The leading developer of digital media supply chain solutions for the media, entertainment and telecommunications industries

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  • Sonus Networks

    Voice infrastructure products for the new public network, enabling service providers to quickly deploy an integrated network for voice and data traffic and to deliver new services [NASDAQ: SONS]

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  • Spring Tide Networks

    Carrier-class network equipment that enabled service providers to deploy new, value-added IP services. Acquired by Lucent

  • Starent Networks

    A leading provider of infrastructure solutions that enable mobile operators to deliver multimedia services to their subscribers. Went public; later acquired by Cisco

  • Sycamore Networks

    Optical networking products for telecommunications service providers worldwide [NASDAQ: SCMR]

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  • Tatara Systems

    The recognized leader in femtocell convergence solutions, providing service interworking, delivering unified voice, messaging and data services, and enabling uniform calling and feature plans across diverse networks

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  • Verivue

    High-performance IP platforms enabling network operators to manage intensive IP-based media traffic across a growing number of end devices

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  • Veveo

    Bringing the full power of Internet video discovery—including searching, browsing and viewing—to mobile devices via its vTap service

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  • Winphoria Networks

    A next-generation mobile switching solution for mobile wireless networks, dramatically increasing capacity and reducing costs. Acquired by Motorola

  • Xsigo Systems

    The technology leader in I/O virtualization, a data center solution that simplifies the way servers are connected to networks and storage

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