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What we believe

Transforming a concept into a company - and a company into a game-changer - requires more than capital. It takes energy, commitment, agility, focus, insight and experience.

Portfolio Sectors

  • Software

    Software is a key investment theme for North Bridge. In line with our affinity for disruptive technologies, we have focused on Open Source, Cloud Computing and Mobile with special emphasis on applications such as ecommerce and big data/analytics – technologies that are driving changes in the way leading enterprises do business.

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  • Communications & Infrastructure

    Communications and Infrastructure are the building blocks powering today's enterprise data centers, cloud computing platforms, and mobile and optical networks. This has been a core investment area for North Bridge since inception and has created many multi-billion dollar exits.

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  • Digital Media

    Digital Media is one of the pillars of North Bridge's diversified investment strategy. With a long history backing the enabling technology that underlies the Internet and mobile networks, we look for early stage consumer opportunities with large engaged audiences and passionate users. Our partners have deep expertise building and partnering with entrepreneurs in the leading web and mobile properties touching hundreds of millions of people.

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  • Healthcare

    We are leading healthcare technology investors with deep domain expertise, an unparalleled network, and a history of investment success in helping build big companies since the founding of our firm. In these times of healthcare uncertainty, we see tremendous opportunity in new care models with patients and consumers at the core. New payment models will dramatically reduce healthcare delivery costs and increase revenues with personalized medicine as a driver, health and wellness as a foundation, and informatics and big data analytics as an enabler.

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  • Materials

    Manufactured products are enabled or limited by the materials from which they are made, with performance and cost being key drivers. At North Bridge we identify superior innovations in materials, coming from the scientific or engineering communities, and build strong companies around the very best people on the topic. In all cases, there is a significant amount of invention from world-class scientists and professors, creating a proprietary technology platform that is leveraged in multiple ways within or across industries. We find this to be the recipe for success in building great materials companies with large financial outcomes.

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